Find a Direct Sales Consultant is the place to find independent consultants from any direct sales business. Whether you are looking to learn more about a company, make a purchase, or explore an opportunity...we have consultants from all different companies available here.

The world of direct sales has exploded over the recent years and continues to grow rapidly. It has proven to be the most cost effective way to shop.

We offer affordable advertising options, including graphics and directory listings.

Please check back often as we are continuously adding new consultants to our directory.

Listing Options

 Many people want to do business with companies & consultants that are local to them...

How will they find you?

Standard Business Directory Listing 

 Only $15 a year!

* * * * *
Highlighted Business Listing
  • placed at the top of the list of your represented company in an eye catching color
  • description of company (3 sentences or less please)
  • one (1) image in .jpg, .gif, or .png format (150 x 150 pixels)
 Only $25 a year!

 *Only 1 Highlighted Business Listing is allowed per Company/State
dditional images can be purchased for an additional
$2.00 per year

* * * * *
Each Listing Includes:
  • Company Name
  • Consultant Name
  • State/Location
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Facebook Fan Page URL
  • Company Description

Side Bar Ad

One image in .jpg, .gif, or .png format (150 x 150 pixels) linking to your company
website or Facebook fan page. Each side bar image runs down the right hand side
of the directory and remains on all pages throughout directory for continuous exposure. 

**Receive a FREE standard listing with the purchase of a Side Bar Ad**

Only $45 a year!

 Limited number of stops available - GET YOURS BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!


All ads will be launched within one (1) business day once payment has been received & cleared.
All purchases are final and non-refundable.