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Kalypso TwistZ - California

Independent Consultant, Raylene Davis
Company Name: Kalypso TwistZ
Name: Raylene Davis
State/Location: California
Email Address: adjustablegems@gmail.com
Description:  It's New...It's Different...It's Desirable...It's Kalypso TwistZ!

Our featured jewelry, Kalypso TwistZ is the world's first interchangeable gemstone jewelry!

A unique, interchangeable concept in Jewelry design, our adjustable jewelry features a precision aligning mechanism so you get many gorgeous looks from one piece of jewelry.

It is where your own creativity makes YOUR perfect piece of jewelry! YOU are guided by your own self-expression.

Our Gems consist of: Topaz, Quartz, Czech Crystal, Onyx, Mother of Pearl and More...Set in the finest non-tarnish .925 Sterling Silver.

Wear your jewelry to match any outfit or occasion. Fun & Bold in the day to WOW at night! YOU create the look that fits you...